Prior to getting sober my life was spiraling out of control. I was one bad day or negative thought from suicide. My relationship with my husband was crumbling because we fought over EVERYTHING. The way my face looked, his hand gestures, my hand gestures, even our non speak caused arguments. It was insane. My family life was falling apart at the seams and I was blaming everyone else and pointing at what everyone was doing wrong. When I knew that if I could just stop drinking and even remember what happened the day before things would be better. 

My drinking and drugging happened for a reason but my continuance of it happened because I liked the numbing of my feelings too much, I liked the FEELING the alcohol gave me ( to a point), I liked everything except the drama I created while using. I think that’s why I believe I won’t relapse because I like it to the point that I’ve envisioned that I will drink myself to the grave and that is enough to scare me into never drinking again. 

I’m going to do a bullet points of what drugs and alcohol took from me and then another of what Sobriety gave to me. Then I want to hear what sobriety gave you in the comments below. 

What drugs and alcohol took from me

What sobriety gave me

These are just a few of what I lost and what I’ve gained. I want to know what you’ve gained by choosing to get sober. Comment below. Then share this out so people can see that there is lots to gain by giving up drugs and alcohol. Today marks 2 years sober for me and I have never felt so accomplished before. Giving birth to my kids is what I’m most proud of because I went through hell to have my kids, then sobriety and then the making of my Journal The Shift Method a guided journaling experience. If you actually purchase this you can get the course that goes with it for FREE. Go to 

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