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holding you back from your miracles. 

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Are you ready to Create Miracles in your life?

As kids, not giving up was part of our design, our DNA. We would always continue trying 

over and over again until we figured it out. Excuses weren't a “thing” until adults started sharing their own “can'ts” with us. A child only knows the limitations we place on them. 

Excuses start as young as 3 years old and in some it rapidly progresses before our kids even start school and then into elementary school, into high school and adulthood.

  Then you’re 30 telling yourself “why” you haven’t done something, stopped this bad habit or addiction, started, completed, or insert current excuse. 

If we want to see a shift in the world we first must make a shift within ourselves. We have to stop creating limitations for ourselves like we do with our own children. 

Stop making excuses for yourself and those around you. 

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Let me introduce myself!

My name is Tuesday Robbins!

I’m here to help you Shift out of Bad Habits and  Create Miracles – Not Excuses. I want to help you make that shift you’ve been seeking. Help you realize how your present self is sabotaging future you and even present you. If you have kids you're shaping how they talk to themselves as well. 

 I won’t be sharing any fancy “coaching” techniques that will break your bank or leave you annoyed and left feeling hopeless like most “coaching” programs out there. But I also won't accept your excuses. I'll drop you from my list before that happens. 

 Learn more about Tuesday

Tuesday Robbins


Tuesday is all about personal responsibility. If you aren't where you want to be in life it is not anyone's fault but your own. The problem is also that you've probably never been shown the way to freedom or success in a way that will stick and last. Especially if you're in recovery and trying to not let the stresses of life cause you to relapse. With Tuesday's unique approach to person development you can make a shift in your life that will stick if you put in the work.

“Action is the only cure for fear” – TR


With my 20+ plus years of addiction and life experience, I believe gives me the advantage and INSIGHT to help other addicts and people who want to shift out of bad habits.

My Goal is to help people transform out of their bad habits, excuses, and unfaithful realities

 that keep them in a state of always wanting more, always seeking something better, 

wanting to do more but just don’t know how or where to start. I want to help people become MENTALLY BETTER so they can help others do the same thing.

 In any and all motivational or inspirational or spiritual teachings the basis of all them are what? Change your mind, change your life.

I have unlocked the best way to help you do this! It’s easy but not simple. It will take hard work, persistence, consistency, and heaps of mental dedication

All will be revealed once we BELIEVE! 

Why do I want to take on the weight of others minds?

I want to help people release their mental weight that they’ve been holding onto for way too long. People are holding onto emotional, physical, and mental tension. Whether it’s from past traumas, present stress, or future anxiety. I want to help people release themselves of these trappings and be graced with the emotions and mindset of true freedom. Because once we can set our minds and body free of the man made trappings that keep us in fear, hate, excuses, and negativity, is when we can explode our lives the way they were meant to be. With PURPOSE. With PASSION. With LOVE! I want to bring child like love and curiosity back into your life. I want to make rain fun and storms exciting and beautiful again so to speak. But most of all I want to give you the tools to live your BEST LIFE while also helping transform those around you by sharing the new you. 

Is it possible to make a GLOBAL impact
that helps people live their PURPOSE rather than their EXCUSES?

Simply put, Yes! The real question should be, is it going to be a LASTING IMPACT

That’s when it gets tricky because that all depends on the individual person who is wanting to transform. 

When people are seeking change, they do make a change, but do they stick with the change? When you want to eat better do you stay with your diet or healthy eating habits or do you revert back to the old you? Triggered?

When you start a work out or exercise routine do you keep it consistent or do you revert back? When you make a choice to change a habit like smoking do you revert back at the slightest sign of stress? Triggered?

See, it’s not that people don’t change it’s that they don’t stick with it. As a former smoker I remember quitting previous times and after 6-9 months I’d revert back to smoking again. Why? Well it could be a multiple of things. I could’ve started drinking again. Or I could have went through a stressful situation that I didn’t know how to deal with that made me want to smoke. I was “TRIGGERED” therefore I reverted back to my bad habit.

When we want to change something for the good and for good we have to do some deep diving into what I call “Triggers”. Triggers are what cause you to revert back to old ways or in psychology they say past traumas. I’m not saying that all habits or the present you is formed by past traumas. But all habits formed now, you do because of a trigger. Whether it’s a physical or emotional trigger. All those negative thoughts you have are because of triggers. The way you were treated as a child, raised by your parents, bullied, I could go on. 

Once we can pin down our triggers is when we can really change them and for good. 

Journal is SPIRAL bound

When you get The Shift Method Journal you will get the course The Shift Method Experience for FREE! $297 Value

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“You can’t defeat the darkness by keeping it caged inside of you.”     – Seth Adam Smith

With my 20 + years as an addict and experience, I believe gives me the knowledge and insight to help CREATE a shift among those that are ready and willing to make a shift in their lives. To get out of your own way and stop allowing the thought of what you were told you are stop you from becoming the person you were meant to become. Once you start peeling back your pre- programmed layers you can make an epic shift of actual freedom. Free from the trappings of what you were brainwashed to believe and behave. 

I like to tell people there are two ways to true freedom. You can either have a BREAKDOWN or a BREAKTHROUGH. The choice is yours. 

In many cases such as mine, people are more likely to have a breakdown in order to get to their breakthrough.

Also, rock bottom and a breakdown are not one in the same. 

See the break down didn’t happen before the choice to change it happened AFTER. 


Rock bottom was the beginning of the CHOICE to change not the breakdown to actually change. People have hit rock bottom many times because they didn't get through their BREAKDOWN. They allowed the BREAKDOWN to control them and they reverted back to addict. But if you can get to the BREAKTHROUGH you can come out the other side and actually stay there. 

Let's talk about my BREAKDOWN

My mind and body was so used to the way I was thinking and behaving that I was having an internal battle of dominance.


Was the EGO going to win or was I going to break free from the prison of self hatred, unawareness, and mental slave to society? When I realized the Ego was like the devil holding me back from my destiny letting it go was much easier. I stopped fighting against my true self and started to shine in the way that was purposeful, HELPFUL! I had never felt helpful in my life. I was always a burden. The drunk. The dumb girl who never contributed to anything positively. I always felt more like a problem than the SOULUTION



Let's talk about the PROBLEM.

  • LACK
  • FEAR

Just to name a few

Let's talk about a SOULUTION!

The Journal is SPIRAL bound

Grab your shift method Journal. By journaling with a purpose you can eliminate the stuckness you may feel when staring at your blank page. By journaling with a purpose its' like having a set goal and your goal is to figure out what is blocking you from being the best you-you can be in the life you want.

Don't let anything else keep you from your dream life and get The Shift Method journal TODAY!

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