The day that changed my life

I was staring at the TV like it was paying me money but all it was doing was sucking my soul, while the alcohol was taking my life. I was watching my kids playing in the middle of the floor while I was thinking “Is it 5 o’clock yet”? I wanted my next fix, to numb my pain, to not feel my feelings, my anger, my anxiety, the hate I had for myself. I wanted to suppress the SHAME of not making the most of my life, the self-loathing from all the mental beating I received from drugs and alcohol and negative self-talk from bad decision after bad decision. 

I look back at my kids playing on the floor and then back at the TV and then in an instant my life flashed before my eyes and I saw my death. Dead at 40 (I’m 35 now) leaving my kids motherless and my spouse to figure it out on his own.

In that instant, I chose SOBRIETY, HEALTH, LOVE, and FAITH. I chose to make something of my bad decisions, I chose to turn all my stupid choices into learning moments for those that may not have an instant or an epiphany. I chose freedom for myself and I want freedom for you too! 

When I was getting sober I needed something that would always be there for me when I needed it. I couldn’t rely on a person because people have lives, and stress, anxiety, and self-hatred all would pop up randomly without warning. I turned to journaling. Journaling saved my life and my mind. If it wasn’t for me having a structured outlet I would not be two years sober and writing you now. 

After a year of journaling  I decided I wanted to share my techniques with others, so I created my own Guided Journaling To Help You Shift Bad Habits. 

With that then came The Shift Method Experience. A full course that explains in the depth what I did to create the version of me that has been wanting to break free but has been trapped inside her own created prison of fear, doubt, and limitations.


Journaling with a purpose!

or Guided journaling

When you start journaling with a purpose rather than aimlessly, is when real change begins. I've been journaling all my life. 

However, when I discovered this method for myself is when I was able to truly change my bad habits or addictions. (I use those terms interchangeably)

If you're living a life that you know isn't YOU then schedule a breakthrough call. 


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