What are SMART goals?

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In 2021 we are going to do things differently right? 🤔

If you want to do things differently you will have to declare it first. 

What do you want to be different and why do you want it to be different. 

Before you write down your notes from this post, write the journal entry for what you want and why.

Ok let’s get to it. 

What does SMART mean in SMART goals?

I created this awesome infographic for your pleasure but I will go into detail of each letter below. 


When getting SPECIFIC you want to use the 5 W’s. 

WHO: Who is going to be involved in this goal with you? If this doesn’t apply go to the next W.

WHAT: What do you want to accomplish. What is the outcome you wish to happen from obtaining this goal?

WHY: Why do I want to complete this goal? Write multiple reasons for wanting this to happen. 

WHERE: Where will this goal take place? Home, School, gym, on the computer, get specific. 

WHICH: Which resources will you need, money, space, time, tools and which limits do you think you will come across while striving for this goal?

I know when people look at all the things they have to do when doing these tasks it seems overwhelming because it’s a lot of writing. 

What I have to say about that is, YES it is a lot but our dreams are worth doing this because if you think this is hard or a lot of work then you have no clue what turning your dreams into reality really requires or means. 

It means long days, stress, some tears, many happy smiles, and lots of action. It also means not giving into excuses that we are accustomed to using in regular everyday life. 

When you’re doing this task imagine the person you will have to become to make this goal a reality. What habits will you have to unlearn, what behaviors will you have to shift, what emotions will you have to eliminate towards the tasks at hand? 

Then each day start becoming that person. 


This is all about how you will know when the goal has been reached. How will you measure your accomplishment?

Time it takes to complete it, amount of money made, how many people you helped, how many inches or weight you lost, the mindsets or behaviors you shifted? 

How will you know you’ve MADE IT?

For instance, when I was working on my mindset when I decided to get sober, one of my measurable items was being in control of my emotions versus just allowing my first initial reaction to take control. The first time I was able to not react and think before I spoke was an accomplishment. 

When you’re a drug addict and your brain has been out of control for so long that is a HUGE accomplishment. 

My inner bitch is tamable 🤣🤷‍♀️

Action Oriented:

Be prepared to think about all the moves you will be required to take to make your goal a reality. 

With out knowing all the steps to take how will you make it happen? 

You can’t just wing it. You’re not a butterfly 🦋

When I started my coaching business I had to write down how I wanted my website to look, how many pages I will have on my website and what will be on them.

What I will offer and for what price.

Who is my target audience?

What do I want to talk about?

What social platform do I want to use?

Do I want to serve men or women or both?

How much money do I want to make?

What types of value do I want to give away, and what types of items do I want to sell?

How many hours am I willing to work a day, a week, a month, and I also had to think about things that I couldn’t see. 

Such as, emergencies, bad weather, vacations, holidays, mom life in general, me time, self care, and a marketing strategy. 

If you’re wanting to lose weight, how many meals will you eat a day?

How often will you exercise?

What type of mindset do you need to acquire to make the dream weight a reality. 

You can be happy and love yourself and still not like how much you weigh. 

They are not mutually exclusive but don’t be fooled by society into believing that being “thick” or “obese” is now the new healthy. 


Answer a few questions to see if the goal you have set out to achieve is relevant and realistic for you. 

  • Will it be worthwhile to you to accomplish this goal?
  • DO you want to do it NOW or is it the right time to set this goal?
  • Am I the right person or can I become the right person to reach this goal?
  • Can I realistically accomplish this goal in a time frame that would make me happy and also challenge me?


If you answer “YES” to these than you’re ready to start on your goal but first we have to tackle the time issue around accomplishing your goal. 


How much time will I allot to complete this goal. 

What will it look like in 3 month

6 months

1 year

What can you do today to make you one step closer to the goal?

SMART goals are great because it’s a blueprint for what you should be doing every day, if you did the task as you were supposed to. 

When you complete this task you have clarity and daily action steps to help you complete your goal. 



Get SMART: Specific, measurable, action oriented, relevant/realistic, and time oriented. If you can do this your goal will have more meaning, will be more likely to accomplish the goal because this will keep you accountable and motivated to want to do the goal you set out to accomplish. 

If you struggle with getting this all written down schedule a discovery call to see if my help would be beneficial.