How to manage stress and anxiety better- 3 tips + (FREE Download)

In today’s current climate, how is everyone handling the stress of the current evil’s, fights, and divide, happening in the world? 

If you’re one of those people who feed off energy like me then this post is going to be for you. 

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As a mom of 3 stress and anxiety seems to be part of my day. (If you’re a teacher reading this kudos to you, You’re wonder women.)

Dealing with your daily tasks, getting time for yourself or your business and being a great mom can sometimes feel overwhelming. 

First I want you to stop beating yourself up because that shit isn’t helping anyone especially you. 

You’re doing great with what you have right in front of you. 

Second this is why people like me are here so we can give you that reminder that you’re doing great. 

You have to believe it too. 

If you’re not a parent you’re doing great too with the knowledge you have. 

Saying you’re doing great with what you have in hand isn’t diminishing what you want, it’s being grateful for what you have and will receive. #grateful

Ok so let’s get to it. The 3 tips that  I have that will help you with stress and anxiety WILL help if you want them too. 

I like to tell people that before you go into something either new or even if it’s not, go into it with a different mindset than you are used to. 

Don’t have high expectation or low expectations just allow something to be, experience it and don’t prejudge it. 

If you’ve tried these or you haven’t,  drop your history with it or don’t create reasons for why it won’t work before even trying them and I mean really trying, not that I’ll do it with no effort or an attitude type crap that your 4 year old does (LOL you know you’ve done it)

Here are the tips: 

This one should be a given and not a tip but, 

1. Journal about it, why are you stressed and anxious frequently? 

Your body and mind are screaming for attention in some way. 

Pay attention and write about it. 

2. Breathe – Learn to breathe better. Did you know most people aren’t breathing properly? It’s true. Start breathing in through your mouth while also raising your shoulders and then release through your mouth while releasing the shoulders and do this many times over until you FEEL the toxic energy leaving your body.

3. Try taking a shower and while you’re doing this think of releasing the bad energy and watch it just wash away from you. I love this one personally because I feel amazing after the shower and I can take on the day.

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