What does this even mean.

Creating meaning in your life.

Renowned psychologist or one of The Pioneers in psychology Victor Frankl said that peoples driving motivational forces is to find meaning or purpose in their life. He named his psychological element “logotherapy which is based on the idea that meaning is an objective reality as opposed to a mere illusion arising within the perceptional apparatus of the observer.” https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Viktor_Frankl

Frankl found that to have meaning in your life you must have three different values that help guide you as a person. These values are:

1.) “create a value which is our actions our work or creations.

2.) exponential values or experiencing truth beauty or encountering love

3.) attitudinal value or adopting a courageous and exemplary attitude in situations of unavoidable suffering.”

This is what I strive to live life with, having an exceptional attitude in the face of adversity suffering or when others try to bring me down because my mindset is too strong to allow that low vibrational energy to come in and disrupt the positive flow happening. One way to do this is to use a method called dereflection- which is basically taking your attention off the symptom. So, you’re anxious right you don’t break your anxiety by reflecting on it you break your anxiety by drawing attention away from it.               

One of my favorite methods to help shape our life and the meaning in it is to use questions to help guide the conversation or experience. When we can be guided to shift out perception in a new way it can encourage major growth and breakthroughs to help add more meaning and possibly even shift beliefs that were keeping us down. In psychology this is called Socratic dialogue or in other words attitude modification.

Victor Frankl’s psychological method of configuring the mind is what positive psychology is largely based off which didn’t get established until 1998. I like to use a combination of positive psychology and self-actualization which is basically everything that you have or don’t have is based on the level of thoughts in your head and whether or not you’re able to create the person you’re needed to be to get to where you want to go. Which is how I coined my motto Create Miracles Not Excuses. We are in full control of how we feel, think, behave, our emotions, reactions, and everything in between.

I know in AA or NA if we don’t admit we are at fault and take responsibility for our own addictions we won’t likely stay in recovery and relapse is inevitable. I fully live by this. That’s why I say if you’re not building upon your growth EACH and EVERY day, you’re leaving room to relapse. You must learn every nook and cranny of your emotions, feelings, and behaviors by doing this it leaves you the control and no outside object will ever be able to control. Not drugs, alcohol or even food. You will be in full control.

So when I say life on life’s’ terms it’s not on what someone else deems what my life should be it’s life on the terms I choose. But I didn’t just say this and it happened over night.

I took regular consistent action EVERY SINGLE DAY. I will share with you my 5 most used tips to help shift out of what holds people back from living life on the terms you choose.


These aren’t just one-off tasks or tips these are things that I do EVERY SINGLE DAY.


My most important task I do is journaling. I did:


♥ Journaling with a purpose. To get through the things that were holding me back I had to ask a specific set of questions. If you want to get those question’s you can get my journal The Shift Method here and as a gift, I’ll give you The Shift Method Experience for FREE. You can learn more about that here: www.theshiftmethod.info



♥ Reading and learning. Whether I listened to audio books, read real books, or watched documentaries that would help me develop my brain because we’ve done so much damage to it during active addiction that we need to get our brain back to creativity and intellect again.


♥Read the bible: I didn’t believe in God at first and didn’t do AA or hold any of their principles. But I opened the bible up because I knew from talking to a lot of people I respect, people who were where I wanted to be and any research I had done said that the bible was the best psychological text book out there. It truly is. It holds some super wise word in that big book. The original BIG BOOK.


♥Do some form of exercise or moving around each day. House cleaning counts LOL. When we get in motion, we change our emotions. Tony Robbins is famous for that quote.


♥ Finally, is I changed the way I ate. When I first got sober, I ate a ton of sugar but once I realized I just changed one addiction for another negative addiction I started to adjust.


If you can do all these daily and adjust as you grow you will be on your path to having one of those minds that is unstoppable and a path that leads straight to success.

If you need any help, please reach out and if you need one on one coaching there are slots available. Schedule your free discovery call.

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