7 Simple Ways To Have A Happier Life

With these 7 ways to have a happier life you can easily implement them on a daily basis and even use them weekly if you can’t use them daily. But honestly we can use them all DAILY. 

I always like to say to people that a happy abundant life that is filled with joy and peace and is also FULFILLED is a lifestyle not a thing you just DO on the weekends like a night out with the girls or taking the fam to the park. 


If you want a certain lifestyle you have to LIVE it, be it, and become it EVERY SINGLE DAY. 

What is my favorite quote?

It’s one by Aristotle. It says this and if you’ve purchased my course The Shift Method Experience then you know what quote I am about to say because it’s on the first page of the program. 


We are what we repeatedly do. Excellence, then, is not an act but a habit.

So when you are looking for more of something you will inevitably have to give up something of lesser value or that doesn’t bring you what you’re looking for in order to GAIN what it is you’re looking for. 

For example: You can’t have great health with poor diet and mental habits and routines. You will have to give up this illusion of comfort to get to health. 

Many things that we see as being a comfort to us is only the illusion of comfort. 

What we are seeking on a deep level is not comfort but purpose and passion. 

Hopefully with these 7  Simple Steps to find more happiness you can find the purpose and passion you’re looking for. 

  1. Align your goals with your values. If this isn’t aligned the likelihood that you will feel like you accomplished something or that it will make you feel good is going to be slim to none. When we evaluate what our values are before we commit to a goal will actually make us want to achieve the goal or set our souls on fire will be much higher.


  2. Mindfulness = Presentness. When you can be mindful of things like the breath in your lungs you can learn to be more grateful for even the small things in your life that you used to take for granted. In living in this manner you will spread more cheer for yourself and those that are around because you have a deeper understanding of ego and materialism than others. In knowing this doesn’t mean we don;t have material things it means we are more grateful for them and appreciate the things we have so we in turn actually need less.


  3. Gratitude Journaling. Having time to write down at least 5 things you are grateful for each morning and each night can make shifts in your life that you would not expect. It’s a beautiful thing to experience. By being grateful you can change harmed relationships, anger, even anxiety can shift. But what I share with people in The Shift Method experience is to not have a specific outcome Expectations create disappointment when we don’t enjoy the journey and have a hold on the outcome. Want to take the 4-Part mini course that is adapted from the full course. Kind of like a try before you buy kind of thing you can sign up for that below.


  4. Focus on your strengths and not what you don’t have. Be solution focused not problem focused.


  5. Write a forgiveness letter for someone who you’ve been holding resentments towards. Mother, father, brother, aunt, uncle, friends, teacher, god, yourself or someone who you feel did you wrong. If you’re feeling pulled away from doing this then you most definitely should do this Surrender to allow this process to heal you from all the words you haven’t wanted to say out of fear and just let the pen flow. Don’t write it with the intention of showing the person but to help heal you and get the shit off your chest you’ve been holding onto. Its not serving you and it’s keeping you prisoner to these feelings.

  6. Have a social network of people you can turn to and use as support or you can support them in turn. Being alone is fine but having PEOPLE a TRIBE is important to ones psyche. It helps keep us grounded and sane than allowing our thoughts to take root and tell us lies. Having people you can vent to can make the world of difference in how you carry or handle stress and anxiety. How you deal with depression and doubt and fear as well.


  7. This one is a 3 in one really and this is something I remind my community to do every Sunday. If you’re a Miracle Creator then you know what I’m about to say, It’s 
  • Reflect or review
  • Relax
  • Reaffirm.


Using these journaling techniques is helpful in your own personal growth and life or even business. If we don’t know what to work on how do we grow In any area of our life? 

I hope you take these and implement them into your day to day life so you can have the life you want. 

If you want to take these tips and take them to another level then you can take the 4-part mini course or you can buy the course in full. Sign up below.