Have you been stuck in this mindset that is holding you back? 

Do you want to get free the thoughts and behaviors keeping you stuck in the past or anxious about the future? 

In today’s video I go over how to ditch your fixed mindset. 

It’s a quick video so take notes or save this article for later. 

I’d love for you to leave a comment and let me know what it is you’re doing to stay in an open mindset. 

Tip 1: Stop thinking negative thoughts all the time. Don’t be a complainer, a whiner, a person who uses the words, CAN’T, WON’T, and NEVER, often. In fact eliminate that from your vocabulary. 

Tip 2: Challenge yourself more often. Don’t stay  listening to and doing the same things all the time

Tip 3: Put in more effort towards the things you do. 

Tip 4: Ditch perfectionism. Perfectness isn’t reality and never will be. 

Tip 5: Be open to advice from others than those in your circle. Be open to critique and don’t take it personally. 

Tip 6: Don’t allow a set back ruin your progress. 


I hope this video helps you today. Share it out. 

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