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If you need a shift in your life, you want to start a business, create boundaries, create new belief systems, get rid of habits that aren’t serving you and make 2021 your year of breakthrough then you’re in the right place. Keep reading to learn the 5 Negative mindsets I eliminated when I needed a change in my life…

First, I need to share this image with you because it’s true and funny and we need more funny in our life right now wouldn’t you agree?

2020 was a hot mess right? It started off very differently than it ended. 

Who at the beginning of 2020 said “This is going to be my year”? 

Raise that hand  🙋‍♀️ 

I know for many it was the worst year ever, mentally, physically, and spiritually. 

It was the opposite for me. It was my breakthrough year. 

I want to show everyone how I made it my breakthrough year. 

So, if you’re ready to hit that reset button on this year and REALLY make it YOUR BEST YEAR then let’s make that happen. 


Let’s go. 

Here are my 5 mindset habits that YOU MUST DROP to even begin to have a breakthrough year. 

BAD MINDSET HABIT #1: Talking negatively about yourself and others. 

It doesn’t take much for our brains to be convinced of the crap we tell it.

You can tell yourself that you’re ugly and it wouldn’t take long for your brain to agree if you didn’t have the tools to reverse this negative thought. 

Same thing for when we start talking shit about others. Our brains will tell us that it’s ok to be this way. That COMPARING is a good thing. 

But it’s all harmful to your greater purpose. 

Instead be AWARE of the thoughts that are trying to come in that are negative and decide to say nice words. When you’re walking around the house and you see your reflection say something nice like, “I’m such a bad bitch” or “I’m smart and beautiful”.

And if you’re out in public and see someone who you would normally talk about tell them how cute their shoes are, or how nice that top is and ask them where they got it from. 

Doing this on a continuous basis creates a gratitude inside you that you didn’t normally have. 

When we can think about all the things we WANT we will begin to FEEL that way and take actions accordingly. 

BAD MINDSET HABIT # 2: Stop holding onto the past.

When we won’t let go of the past we won’t be able to live for the present or build for our future. 

Yikes. 😬 Read that again. 

Let go of the past, it don’t live here no more.

Change your perception about the past and create a new story that doesn’t make you a victim of it. 

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BAD MINDSET HABIT # 3 Stop worrying or stressing over the future. 

There’s a difference between planning and worrying or having anxiety over the future. 

Each action I take NOW is me planning my future. 

Instead of freaking out over a future that hasn’t been created or set in stone yet I want you to look at your present actions. 

What actions are you taking NOW? That is a peak into your future. If you’re sitting on the couch watching tv most of the day then your future will be much of the same unless you start taking different actions NOW. 

Write down all the things you want and then write down all the different types of actions you would need to take to make that idea a reality?


BAD MINDSET HABIT # 4: Stop thinking small

Small minded thoughts get you small things. 

What 🤔

When we think we can’t have something or do something because of what we have done in our past, or how our belief systems are such as how we view money, relationships, business, politics, and education, that is thinking small. 

Like I’ve mentioned above, you have to use perspective and gain deeper insights to get out of thinking that keeps you small. 

BAD MINDSET HABIT #5 I saved the best for last: Stop caring what others think.

When we care what others think we inevitably stop ourselves from growing and doing.

Stop that shit right now if you’re comparing yourself to others or care what others think about ANYTHING you do. 

The way you dress, talk, look. Or your choice in job, political views, past mistakes or experiences.

Don’t allow people who aren’t taking your actions, having your thoughts, or paying your damn bills to sway you on anything that you’re doing for the betterment of yourself. 

Let them have their opinions and use them as “fans” “haters” whatever you want to call them as inspiration to keep going. 

People usually want to silence what they NEED to hear. 

Have BELIEF IN YOU and what you bring to the table. 

I hear it all the time “Well you’re just lucky” and what I say to that is nope, I’m resilient, I’ve had a very unlucky past. 

I was an addict and I’ve made one bad choice after the next. 

One day I decided to stop being the victim of my circumstances and my own thoughts. 

I Created Miracles in my life instead of more excuses. 

You too have a choice to make for this year…

..to stay in the same bad behaviors and bad habits or to start taking action in the right direction. 

Which is…



You’re one miracle away from a breakthrough or one excuse away from a breakdown. 

The CHOICE is yours. ✌