Why positive thinking alone won’t change your life?

Why positive thinking alone won’t change your life.

I know you’ve heard the saying ‘Change your thoughts, change your life’. The saying is true however, you can’t just have a good thought and then you’re done.

Good thoughts, well-intentioned thoughts aren’t enough to propel you from a nobody to a somebody.


If you’re still emotionally attached to your past thoughts or behaviors, habits or experiences, then no amount of positive thinking will help you get to where you want to lead you to become the person you want to be.

When we can work through our emotional trauma of the past is when we can transcend to higher altitudes of energy and awareness. Mental awareness, spatial awareness, and cognitive awareness.

Dr. Joe Dispenza says our personality creates our personal reality and what he means by this or what I will interpret it to mean is that our personality is more than just how we act outwardly but how we act inwardly.

How do you assess your past with the present? Are you ashamed, do you critique or judge yourself too harshly, are you living a false reality because you have buried your past because it’s too hard to “feel” those emotions?

Many of those things can halt your progress towards thinking progressively towards the real future you want and desire.

Work through all your ego, all you damaged areas, all the bad habits that are keeping you vibrating at this low-level frequency otherwise your thoughts will stay in the stratosphere of thought town and never manifest into anything tangible or obtainable.

How do you work through your emotions so you can “transcend” as they say to a higher plane of existence?

The simple truth is; Own your past, not let your past own you.

If you’ve done bad shit; own it.

Ashamed; own it,

Lied about it; own it

Was abused; own it

Beaten; own it

Assaulted; own it

Whatever happened to you in your past that is weighing you down you have to first, own that shit!

own your shit

From this point on you’re no longer giving your power away to what happened in the past or to whoever messed your mind up that has you thinking you’re doomed because of how you were raised or what not.

How you were treated, how you were raised, how you treated yourself, how much of something you didn’t have whether it be love from your parents or a nice house or new clothes release that emotional baggage now and own that shit. So what you didn’t have it then? What are you going to do right now? You can either let it control you or you can let it be a lesson and become a better person because of it.

What I don’t want you to do is to just throw those emotions in the back of your mind as if none of it happened. I want you to go through those emotions. Feel them, know them, but then I want you to release that negative emotional energy and forgive!  Forgive your parents, your siblings, your abuser, forgive who you need to forgive and then forgive yourself for allowing your emotional baggage to have that much control over your entire life. Release to God, or the universe or whatever or whoever you want to.

When we release that negativity from our minds and body is when we can really transcend and start to “manifest our destiny by thinking and feeling”.

Or, like Napoleon Hill’s book, Think and Grow Rich. You can now think and grow rich in any aspect of life because you have nothing weighing you down.

When I release my past from my present, I feel lighter and more at one with the world and my surroundings.

I have to do this often though because something can happen that will trigger a bad memory and I must sit and feel that emotion, forgive myself and then release it into the universe.

Don’t assume that you do this once and you’re free, you’re free when you continue to feel, forgive, and release. Why? Trauma is a tricky bitch that likes to shield you from that pain and feeling and bury it deep in your mind until something triggers it to appear its ugly head. I wish I knew this when I was experiencing my breakdowns. I would have handled many situations 100% differently.

You can now help yourself learn to, feel, forgive and release.

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Until next time,

Tuesday Robbins

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