What is motivation?

What is motivation and how do you cultivate it in yourself when your energy and mindset are low

Is motivation real or do people tell themselves different stories to help them move further along than most people? What is it that most people do that keep them in a demotivated state vs. a motivated energetic state of mind?


As a woman and a mother who was an addict for the last 20 years, I can say that motivation of any kind is a state of mind. How you go about your day-to-day life, work, relationships, parenting, and so on is solely based on how you think and feel. You can think yourself into a good mood and you can think yourself into a bad mood.

The difference between the people who live in their joy more often is their thought process or the story they tell themselves. I know this because I told myself the same sad story daily for 20 years. Because of my past I was not worthy to feel joy or have anything resembling success. It became normal. It ran itself on autopilot without me even being aware most of the time. How? Because I programmed my mind to run my story on autopilot. As soon as I would have some reprieve and feel good about myself, my story (my ego) would swoop in and say, “but do you really feel that way Tuesday”?


 Just like driving a car to a place you’ve been a million times such as work you can make that drive on autopilot and have complete gaps in your mind you even drove to work or back home. I’m calling this spatial unawareness. Studies have been done to prove that we walk or drive or even think and are unaware of our surroundings. You could literally put money in someone’s eyesight and they wouldn’t see it.


My cousin told me a story when she was in high school while working at Chic Fil A, when she was driving home she ran a red light because she was driving home on autopilot and wasn’t aware of the lights. It was past midnight so thank God there wasn’t any traffic out.


Living on autopilot is dangerous not only for things we do such as driving but with our day-to-day lives and thoughts.

Are you running on autopilot_

Your brains pre-programming allows you to function at this level of basic conscious awareness. However, if you were to change your routine and go a different direction, it would force you to pay attention. You would have to focus your mind and energy on the task ahead.


The same process or reprogramming can be done with your story or daily thoughts. It will not happen overnight but it will be worth it for your health and mental state of mind.


Make a choice, do you want to keep feeling the same way and telling the same sappy story or do you want to live life vibrantly full of passion and purpose? I can tell you from experience that any emotion you’re feeling that doesn’t serve you is the same thing as being an addict. Your brain and body is addicted to that feeling of anger, hate, sadness, anxiety, depression. If you can’t control your emotions at any given time then you are addicted to them. An addiction is something you’re not able to stop. Emotions, drugs, food, sex, alcohol, thoughts, feelings, all can be addictive behaviours that destroy you.


I will tell you this right now. It doesn’t matter if you live in poverty, middle class, or in the nicest neighborhoods. Mental issues affect everyone. They do not discriminate. So, if you’re poor and feel like this stuff only works if you have money then you’ve already lost. You’ve told yourself that because of status you’re not worthy to live and be happy.

Myth busted! You are worthy and you deserve it and so does the world. By making yourself better you can make the world a better place. Energy is contagious. So let’s contaminate the world.


If you’re still reading this article, then you chose to find passion and purpose versus the state of mind you’re in now. Yay, you!


Have you been trying to make an inner shift but haven’t been able to keep up with your reprogramming? Are the things you’re doing not working?


I will share with you what I’ve been doing and has been working well for me. Nothing will work if you don’t keep a routine with it.


First, get used to setting small goals and tracking those goals and tasks. Once you’re used to that, then you will be one step closer to changing your mental story and more in tune with what triggers your negative story, how you feel when you press play on your past.  If you tried this before and it didn’t work then do it again and do it for 30 days at first and then keep going for th rest of your life after that. You’re reading this post for a reason. So keep it up.

Planning or setting goals will always improve your daily life versus just winging it.

Below I will list 5 steps I do daily that keep me in a joyous state daily versus an overly emotional, angry, and reactive person who seems to be mad at the world.


Make a commitment now to put in the work and make a positive life change. I don’t want to hear that you tried, and it didn’t work. There is no trying. You either do something or you don’t.


Step 1: Every morning after you’ve gone pee, brush your teeth and drank a full glass of water, write your intention for the day. You can make this your weekly intention if you like but you have to read it aloud every morning. I keep mine on a dry erase board on my wall. Don’t have a dry erase board? Write it on paper and tape it to your wall or keep on the fridge. Your intention is how you want to feel that day, what emotions do you want to emit? How do you want to make others feel when they’re around you? What impact do you want to leave that day or week? Do this for your day job and home life.


Stop now and write your intentions down.


Step 2: Do a minute meditation. More if you can (the more the better, 20 minutes is ideal, you have time, stop telling yourself you don’t) create a mantra you can say to yourself that will help create an amazing day or release tension before you start your day. A mantra is something like this: I own the day, I own my thoughts; I own my joy. If you want something simple I use, go to YouTube and listen to this technique called Release Meditation Technique. I use this every morning and it has helped me have a calm and relaxing day. It’s from Brendon Burchard. Save it to one of your lists so you can have easy access every morning. What Brendon talks about before the meditation is a must listen to. Many people assume you need to have a clear mind the entire time to mediate. That’s impossible. You just have to get those useless thoughts out of your head and then repeat your mantra. I’ll be doing an entire blog post on meditation and how it has helped me. Save the video here.


Step 3. Repeat step 2 multiple times a day. Even if it’s just a minute when you switch a task or go to lunch or are feeling stressed or overwhelmed.


Step 4: Own your negativity but don’t let your negativity own you. What I mean by this is don’t suppress your negative thoughts own them then decide that’s not how you want to feel. Suppressing thoughts, feelings, and emotions causes breakdowns and people to snap. Accept that you had a moment but don’t dwell or allow the moment to fester. Even the best of motivational speakers, self-help authors, and psychologist have bad thoughts that creep in there. It’s how they handle them is what differentiates them from the masses who allow their thoughts to control them.  


Step 5: Each night write how your day went, everything you did, what feelings you had, how you reacted good and bad and then write how you can improve the next day. This is taking a self-inventory of each day so you know what you need to improve on to get better. You can do this task throughout the day if that works best for you but do not skip this task otherwise it will be like you’re not doing any work on yourself at all. How will you know what to improve upon if you don’t track it? Goals and tracking are how we improve in our daily lives. Then repeat step 1 in the morning every single day for 30 days.



If something doesn’t work for you such as eating right, exercise, or tips, it’s not because it’s flawed it’s because you didn’t take CONSISTENT DAILY ACTION.

Take consistent daily action now!

Don’t blame the system, blame your inaction. It may be hard to hear but you need to hear it. Don’t beat yourself up about it though. I did that too, and it helped nothing, it made it all worse. Do something about it.


Take action now. You don’t live once. You die once but live every single day. Choose today to start fresh and tell yourself a new story and motivate yourself into action.


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Until next time

Tuesday Robbins


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