Is this you…

You wake up already dreading the day.

You grab your phone because whatever is on it is better than what's going on in your life.

You start watching videos or commenting on people's 

statuses and then this wave of depression comes over you.

Because your real life isn't where you want it to be. 

You're tired all the time, you're sad, angry, feel like you have no purpose.

You're constantly anxious, worried, and in fear of where 

you're going to be in 1 year or 2 or even 5?

Nothing ever seems to go your way. The stress of it all is getting to you?

If you resonated with  any of those then I want you to…

   Imagine this…

   You wake up happy with purpose and passion

   Ready to start your day knowing exactly what you are going to do. 

   You limitations are no longer limiting because you've taken back control over your life. 

   You have a life you want to show off. 

   You are no longer angry or sad. 

   You old life is just that, your old life. 

   You know where your life is going because you have TAKEN BACK CONTROL.


When we are controlled by our emotions and habits we behave in ways that aren't necessarily aligned with how we think and believe things should be. 

When we can TAKE BACK CONTROL over our stress, anxiety, fears, and especially our thinking we can create a life that we will want to shout from the roof tops.

We will wake up ready to take on the day because we will have thoughts and behaviors that get us excited. 

Not only that but we will have goals that will make us want to take action daily. 

Don't allow life to get away from you one more moment. 

Consciously create the life you want. 

Begin by taking The Shift Method Digital Course

If you're ready to be free from the mental and psychological prison that has been keeping you stuck or in a perpetual cycle of going nowhere this course is for you. 

This course came about because I just gotten out of a 20 year addiction to drugs and alcohol. I was severely depressed and angry at the world. 

I was at rock bottom and my girls at the time needed a mother who was going to be present and happy. 

My relationship needed me to SHOW UP or it was about to be over and that would be devastating to my kids. 

I most certainly wouldn't have my son JJ.

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