My top 5 self-development books

My top 5 self development books to add to your reading list.

Book 1: 

The Universe Has Your Back: – This book helped me get sober   – Gabby Bernstein

Book 2: 

Think and Grow Rich: This book really started the thinking that my thoughts create my reality.

   – Napoleon Hill

Book 3: 

A Course In Miracles: This book really established my belief in God or Source or The Universe. 

Book 4:

The Magic of Thinking Big: This is just a really good read that gave me ideas that were dormant. – Dr. David J Schwartz

Book 5: 

You’ll see it When you believe it: This book is about transforming yourself to something beyond the materialistic you their is today.  – Dr. Wayne Dyer

Until Next Time, 

Tuesday Robbins

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