5 Tips to your Personal Transformation

5 Tips to your Personal Transformation

5 Tips to Your Personal Tranformation

To transform is to take action. Are you taking enough action to see some positive transformations in your life? 


Or do you see a de-escalation in yourself and where you want to go and be?


In life we are all changing in some way. Some choose to embrace change and some choose to fight change. This blog post is for everyone even those that like to fight it because a personal transformation can be the catalyst that sets you free from what’s holding you down! 

Here are my 5 tips to begin your personal transformation.

Transformation 1:

Start looking at yourself as an observer of yourself. It’s like having an outer body experience to your thoughts and actions. By doing this you begin to notice your behaviors more. What you like and what you don’t like. How you act around friends, strangers, and family. Then you can use your new knowledge of yourself to change yourself.

Transformation 2:

Use the observer method on other people. Notice how people are usually walking with their heads down looking at their phone or their feet. Watch how frustrated they get over the Munding things like other people, traffic, or of the weather. Noticed that people rarely smile just to smile and use what you watch in others as a guide of how not to be.

Transformation 3:

Get uncomfortable on a daily basis. One way to see massive growth is to do something that you fear or something you know you should be doing but have put off. For example prior to starting this blog I feared What others would think, is my writing good enough or will anybody even read it? I decided I didn’t care. I mean I care if the writing is good but I didn’t allow others opinions or views of me to deter me from pursuing my passion, which is writing! So I tell ya, get uncomfortable to see major self transformation. 

[bctt tweet="One way to see massive growth is to do something that you fear."]

Transformation 4:

Make a conscious and subconscious decision to not be consumed or led by negativity and judgment. Everywhere we turn it seems there are negative people, judgemental people and then the news to top it all off. If you can make an effort to see the beauty and positive of the world then your personal world will begin to be more bright and happy. You will start to see more happy people, strangers helping each other, and your kids will be more at ease (if you have kids) and you will be less and less guided by news in its energy.

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Transformation 5:

Practice more self-care. I’m not talking about getting your hair and nails done, I’m talking about how you speak to yourself. What do you say to your inner kid, your adult self, what do you mentally consume, what do you physically consume? Be more aware of how you treat yourself and your best self will shine. Am I saying that you have to be positive happy go lucky 24-7? Hell no! I’m saying be more kind to yourself than down on yourself and tell yourself that you’re amazing more times than not. Work out 4 out of 7 days, eat at least 1 or 2 healthy meals a day. If we can become more aware of our own self care we will be more aware of others and how we treat them.


Use these five tips to have a personal transformation daily.


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