One Year Sober {3 Basic Tips}

1 Year Sober

When I wrote this I had no intention of making this a blog post but I was guided to do so because my 1 year anniversary of being sober is a major milestone and I had to share 3 basic tips that pushed me over the edge to happy, sober, and passionate about life again. Below is my origianl post with some edits to expand on my story a bit more. The original post is on my FAN PAGE. 


As an addict I told myself that I wasn’t good enough to be an author, a writer, an influencer. I let the drugs and alcohol dictate my life for so long that those thoughts became my reality. In turn I created these emotions of resentment, lack, hate, and fear towards myself and the world. It trickled down into friendships, and my personal relationship with my soul mate. 


When I finally got sober which is my first anniversary today! 1 year sober! August 4 2018 is the day that changed my life. Today August 4, 2019 I’m a better, happier, stronger, and successful in my relationships, mental status, and beginning to be successful with my business!!! But, when I began my sobriety journey last year it was a rough beginning. I fought the process for months. I argued with myself, my spouse, my kids, and I would allow the outside world to continue to influence my mindset and my mood. From the news, other peoples energy, and not knowing how to work through my feelings and emotions because I didn’t know how to effectively ommunicate any of them properly, whwich left me feeling even more lost and stuck than when I was drunk or high.  


I hated it. I still hated myself during the first 6 months of recovery. I still had this disgust towards myself for my past. For the people I kept around, the drugs I did, the age I began doing drugs and drinking, the fact that I didn’t try helping myself earlier. 


I had no real education. Yeah, I graduated high school but, I had no financial education, spiritual education, emotional education, and certainly didn’t have communication skills that would help me advance any personal relationships. 


Communication with yourself and others is the main pillar that leads to all great things.

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After months of battling my inner demons I finally had a release. How di dI do it you ask?


I accepted my past for what it was and that’s that. I can’t change it and there is no point in trying to dwell on it continually because that will just keep the emotions that are keeping you down in the forefront of your mind and hinder you from growing forward. So, from that point on I dove deep into my own mental development. I started learning how to communicate, how to become a better writer, finding my purpose, changing the way I saw myself and my relationships. When I did that, everything just clicked. I felt this release of tension off my entire body. 


It is and was an amazing feeling. 


Are you stuck in the past? If you’re struggling to move on from something that is keeping your emotionally stuck and mentally stuck here are my tips to help you move forward. I still use these tips on regular basis even though they are super basic. One of my sayings that I try to live by when we get overwhelmed or information overlod is, Take it back to the basics. You can’t go wrong with the basics. 

Back to Basics 1: 


1: Stop dwelling over the past. You can not change it and you should not want to. The past if you allow it is a great teacher. But it should not control your emotions and mindset today. You should let it be a guide for how not to be. Release the feelings and emotions weighing at you. Any feeling you have towards yourself or the world release it now and accept the past for what it is, the past. Live in the present and BE present. Live in gratitude for now because you can’t live in gratitude and hate or fear at the same time. I live in this statement daily, especially when a negative thought tries to creep and dominate my mind. Everyone should have this as part of their back to basic mental routine.

Back to Basics 2: 


2: Start working on things that bring joy to your life. I don’t care if you want to be a tv critic or blogger. Start doing research on how you can make that your purpose and passion if that’s what you want to do. Begin now. Want to write a book? Start now. Get the outline written out now. Want to be a designer of any kind? Get to drawing. Stop making excuses and create a plan to make your passion your purpose. When we feel like we have a pupose and a passion we are more productive and directed in our day to day lives. When I was an addict I had no purpose nor direction. We have to view ourselves as large children. A child will do things aimless if they aren’t directed to do something. You have to direct your own movie and create your life that bring passion and joy in your daily lives. When I started to find my passion I had no idea what I wanted to do so I began doing things that I know was creative because I didn’t know what I wanted I did know I wanted to be creative in whatever it si I was doing. So, I knit, I drew, I colored, and I wrote. I then found my passion. Wiritng. I always fall back on writing. I like to say I’m a better writer than I am at speaking and communicating with my actualy voice. Do what brings you joy now and your passion andpurpose will find it’s way to the surface. 

Back to Basics 3: 

3: Start taking care of your mental and physical health. Meditation and yoga is something I’ve recently started and I love it! I’m now able to begin exercise after the birth of my son. Also start meal planning so you can transition your old bad eating habits to newer better ones. I also do journaling which also helps me get any negativity of the day out of my head space for the day. Then do some daily affirmations and gratitude writing. Like mentioned before you can’t live in hate and gratitude at the same time. 


Hopefully those 3 basic tips can help you move past your past and out of this struggle that has held you back for far too long. 


Celebrate all your small wins. 


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Remember, don’t relive the past because that’s what someone told you to do to get over it. To get over your past you must move past it and into the present. Stop dwelling and accept it for what it is, the past. 


Hope this has helped you. Do you have any tips that aren’t mentioned that bring people back to basics? Share below what has helped you or comment if these have helped you! 


Until next time

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