7 Psychological mind traps that keep you stuck.

7 psychological mind traps keeping you stuck

Do you ever feel that other people have success while you’re barely getting by? Maybe you think they have something you don’t? A mentor, luck, money, knowledge? You would be incorrect. Although those things help anyone, it’s not the reason for anyone’s success. I’ll get to the number one reason for people’s success or at least why 20% succeed and 80% fail. Let’s dive into the 7 psychological mind traps that keep people from succeeding in life that lead them to happiness, joy, and success and sustaining it! 

Mind trap # 1

Mind trap # 1: Doing things based on the thoughts of others. Instead of doing what makes you happy and sets your soul on fire you do things that other people think you should be doing based on how society is at the moment. You have a conformity mindset. The conformity mind trap keeps you at the pleasure of others. To be blunt, you’re basically a doormat for others.


Mind trap # 2

Mind trap # 2: Blaming others for your predicament, circumstances, or bad luck. This mind trap will definitely never allow you to succeed in anything you want to do. You may begin a project but you’ll find an excuse for why you can’t see it through or someone to blame for its failure instead of looking st yourself. This mind trap is easy, it’s deceptive. It gets you sucked into its cycle. 




Mind trap # 3


Mind trap # 3: lacking self-worth or feeling inadequate. This mind trap kept me down for a long time. Probably a majority of my life. I didn’t believe in my abilities to see things through or to inspire anyone because I myself was uninspired. Once I began my reprogramming I found my voice, my belief, my faith! I am unapologetically me now that does what I do for me but for others as well because my story can and does help people. So it’s a win-win! 

Mind trap # 4

Mind trap # 4: being guided by fear rather than faith. This mind trap always has you second-guessing your natural intuition which stops you from doing amazing things. Many fears are irrational at best. For example, people fear success when they take a deep inventory of their feelings even though success can solve 99% of their problems. It doesn’t matter if it’s monetary success, mental or physical. Once they find success in one area they can find success in another if they put in enough action required to find success in other areas.

Mind trap # 5


Mind trap # 5: having no mental organization. What I mean is having your mind organized so you can set and achieve goals. Most people are not living with purpose they are wishing for things to be better but not doing any action steps to actually make them better. Be a purposeful thinker and not a wishful thinker. Think, plan, set goals, achieve, and maintain. Repeat for each new goal. By doing this you can use your brain towards a great level of output. 

Mind trap # 6


Mind trap # 6: having a self-absorbed mindset. Most of specify will ask “what’s in it for me”? That’s fine and dandy when finding something you’ll do forever but to have that attitudes towards everyday life isn’t taking you to high up the success chain. Instead, start asking, how can I help others? By helping others you’re also helping yourself. The Universe always pays back double when you’re in service energy. 

Mind trap # 7



Mind trap # 7 Not believing 100% in YOU. In your mind and its ability to learn and become an “expert” in your field, or to change your mind to be happier less angry, to be a better mom, dad, teacher, guide or whatever it is you want to expand your life into! A majority of society are always waiting to see a miracle happen instead of creating miracles. You’ll see it when you believe it. So, believe in you, your genius, your strength, your mind, and the rest will follow! 




Now you are armed with the 7 mind traps the keep many people locked in normalcy without any way to set them free. 


You now have the key to unlock you from the conformity of society and the mediocre. 


If you want to be someone who isn’t loving mediocrity take action and get rid of the mind traps keeping you stuck now, believe in you and start Creating Miracles  – Not Excuses 


Until next time, 

Tuesday Robbins 

Create Miracles – Not Excuses 


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