My Meditation Experience Part II

My Meditation Experience Part II

My meditation experience part II 


If you missed part I of my meditation experience, you can read it here! 


Before I begin, I would love to hear about your experience with meditating. What works for you and what doesn’t? Who do you like to meditate to? Comment below! 


As I mentioned in part II did a beginners meditation that was 20 minutes long called RMT or release meditation technique I found through Brendon Burchard, you can find that meditation on YouTube

My current meditation experience I wanted to do something more advanced, at least for me. I’m using the open focus technique by Dr. Joe Dispenza. You can purchase that guided meditation at his website While you’re there read his blog post-Demystifying Meditation

demystifying meditation

I did the same 10-day experience as the first. The open focus meditation is a technique founded by the Buddhist. It helps get you in an altered state to help you be more in the present rather than the past like we most likely love in our everyday lives. The purpose is to learn to live in the present state of mind regularly so you can live a happier more calm life. So you can experience pure consciousness or separate your mind and body from the “normal” chemical responses we’ve created or programmed within us. 


In Dr. Joe’s book You are the placebo, he says it best in the Afterward about how he sees meditation. 

“Imagine a world inhabited by billions of people, just like a school of fish, living as one – where everyone is embracing similar uplifting thoughts connected to unlimited possibility, and these thoughts allow people to make more inspired choices, demonstrate more altruistic behaviors, and create more enlightening experiences. People would then no longer be living by the survival – based emotions we’re so familiar with now: feeling more like matter than energy, separate from possibility. Instead, they’d be living by more expanded, selfless, heartfelt emotions – feeling more like energy than matter, connected to something greater. If we could do this then an entirely different world would emerge and we would be living by a new credo based on the open heart.” (You are the placebo – making your mind matter, Afterward, page 303.)


Before I read his book, which you can get on his website here, this is exactly how I started to feel. I became more open and aware and things became more possible for me. My daily life was more energy based and natural versus trying to force emotions, although not perfect but this mediation is helping me tune my emotions better, especially with my kids and spouse. I’ve also become more creative in all things I do especially my writing, quotes, and ideas. I chose to live by my credo or slogan Create Miracles – Not Excuses. By doing so, I’ve had life achievements that I never dreamed possible. The biggest is becoming free of my addictions that were ruining my life. That includes emotional addictions that were holding me hostage, such as, fear, doubt, and lack. 


That’s why I said in part I-; I believe everyone should meditate, even kids, it has an array of benefits.

get connected

Now I’ll dive into my Part II experience which at first was weird because I judged the guided meditation instead of accepting it with an open mind, but I quickly corrected myself and allowed the meditation to flow how it was intended. I bring this up because I don’t want you to make the same mistake as me. Sometimes it can be hard to get past judgments especially if you don’t have the emotional tools to do it. So go into all meditations with an open mind and heart. 


There are two meditations you can choose. 1 is an hour long, and the other is 30 minutes. The 1-hour meditation will help you change 2 perceptions and beliefs about yourself and the 30 minute one will help you change 1 perception and belief. I chose the 1-hour meditation. You can get either of them at Dr. Joe’s website along with the book you are the Placebo here. 


When I started I follow the recommended amount of time, which was to do the first 20 minutes for a few days to help you get accustomed to this kind of meditation.


I gradually made each meditation longer. On day 4 is when I did it for 45 minutes. This day I actually felt connected to something greater than my everyday self. My body was tingling, my heart rate was so calm and even, more than it ever was since being diagnosed with a heart condition. My heart condition was one perception I wanted to change about myself that had been beaten into my brain that was wrong with me. You see, I wasn’t diagnosed as a child with this condition. It was when I lost my first daughter in 2012 that I was diagnosed. The doctors claim I’ve had it my entire life but they will never really know. So this perception that I need surgery to fix it is something I want to change. So having gone an entire day with no episodes especially while I’m pregnant is unusual. I’m so grateful for this though because it lets me know that what I read isn’t just fiction it’s real and it and work with the correct mindset and mental awareness. 


The next 2 days I missed my meditations because of kids appointments and getting things ready for the baby to come. But after all my momming I got back on my routine and again started to meditate with the intent to not have a heart condition. And again I went with no palpitations. How amazing is this! I am beyond ecstatic. I also had calmer days. I’m high strung as some would call it or I’ll just call it hyper LOL. The calming effect is because that is the second belief I wanted to change about myself. As a mother I’m always a little stressed because let’s face it, toddlers don’t always listen and it can get frustrating at times. So my second perception was to keep calm towards my kids when they were just being kids and not listening. And let me tell you that it has been working. Even at the end of this pregnancy where I’m super short tempered and uncomfortable I’ve been able to control my energy better and in turn my kid’s energy has shifted especially my 3-year-old who thinks she’s 15 already and knows everything. LOL. She and I still have a ways to go but it’s moving along nicely. 


What I noticed is when I pay attention to my energy when my youngest ignores me is when her energy shifts too. Instead of forcing her to listen I shift my energy and intention so she does too. 


Like I’ve mentioned before and I’m sure I’ll mention it again, all your answers you are seeking are simple shifts in your thinking and feeling. 


To get to where you want to go is simple if you take the correct steps, it’s only hard if you make it that way. We have to get out of our own way. 


Again, if you’re struggling with something whether that be stress, anxiety, depression, sickness, or even if you want to expand your present reality and thinking, then meditation is for you. 


I would love to know how meditation has worked for you or if you will start meditating now! Comment below! 


Until Next Time

Tuesday Robbins

Create Miracles – Not Excuses


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