How to find your calling or life’s purpose?

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What’s the difference between a career and a calling? How can you merge the two if you wanted too?


Throughout the people I’ve spoken to, I’ve noticed many have a hard time finding out what their calling is. Another thing I’ve noticed is people are trying to force their calling to fit in with society or because they think going a certain route will make them the most money. Your calling or purpose is something you’re clear on, something you’d gladly do for free because you have that much passion for it. It drives your soul or sets it on fire in a good way!!


Previous to me getting sober I had no idea what my calling was. I mean I knew what I liked as a kid, helping people, being creative, science, and writing. Through addiction though, you lose your vision of these sometimes because your mind becomes a jumbled mess from all the drugs and alcohol and lack of mental conditioning.

Gain Clarity

Because of that, I forced myself into things because I was looking for something deeper than what I had. But I would never gain clarity on my purpose until I became sober. I tried, eBay, virtual assistant, network marketing, survey taker, selling this and that, but none of it set my soul on fire.


When I made the choice to become sober is when I dig deep into finding my calling my purpose because although I love being a mom, I knew that I was meant for something more than just the mom title. So I took a social media break and started to find myself. I wrote, read, learned, and listened. I went through childhood memories and remembered that I loved writing; I used to write everything down. I imagined always becoming a writer. The genre then I did not know.

I also loved helping people who maybe didn’t have the voice know how to help themselves. In school, I stood up for those that were too shy or afraid to do it for themselves. I was fuck the consequences girl because I hated bullies. I also loved English and science so me digging into the mindset and brain chemistry of addiction suits me well. And I’d gladly write about this all the time if it meant helping people never get high or help people become sober or even get rid of addictions that don’t serve them such as food, tv, gossip and so on.


If you’re still not sure what the difference between your career and calling are, I’ll tell you.

What sets your soul on fire_

Your career pays the bills and your calling is something you may do now but it doesn’t pay at all. It can be a hobby such as knitting clothes, shoes, or making art, volunteering, and so on. It’s whatever sets your soul on fire. Some people are living their career as their calling and calling as their career. Some people also just enjoy doing their calling as a hobby and never getting paid for it and if that’s you then rock on!


But if you wanted to bring your calling as your career you could do so. Your first step is mirroring someone who is making a living off what your passion is. If you can market yourself to replace your career income, then you can make a career out of your calling. Put yourself out there so people know you’re able to help them or serve them with your service or product!


So you have to have clarity, be authentic, marketing will naturally come with being authentic, and never give up. I’ve been searching for my greater purpose since I was 20 and I’m now 34 with my third kid on the way so don’t you ever say I’m too old to try to find out what my passion is. You’re never too old until you’re dead.


Find what sets your soul on fire and you can set the world on fire with your love and purpose and help change it one person at a time!


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Tuesday Robbins

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