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How to find your calling or life’s purpose?

Your calling or purpose is something you’re clear on, something you’d gladly do for free because you have that much passion for it. It drives your soul or sets it on fire in a good way!! Previous to me getting sober I had no idea what my calling was. I mean I knew what I liked as a kid, helping people, being creative, science, and writing. Through addiction though, you lose your vision of these sometimes because your mind becomes a jumbled mess from all the drugs and alcohol and lack of mental conditioning.

Are you an addict?

Are you an addict?

Are you an addict? Well, Are you? For the past 20 + years I was addicted to drugs and alcohol. I stayed in such a negative addictive state I blamed everyone for my stupid choices. When I hit a mental bottom and took responsibility is when I could truly fight my addiction and change that negative addiction for a new positive addiction or obsession.

What is motivation and how do you cultivate it in yourself when your energy and mindset are low

What is motivation?

Is motivation real or do people tell themselves different stories to help them move further along than most people? What is it that most people do that keep them in a demotivated state vs. a motivated energetic state of mind?