5 best tips to boost your creativity every day

My 5 best tips to boost creativity every day

5 best tips to boost your creativity every day! 


Have you been feeling like your creativity has been dwindling or you’re feeling uninspired? Below I’m going to share my 5 best tips to boost your creativity every day! 

Let’s get right to it! 

Tip 1: Brain Drain 


Every morning do a brain dump of your random thoughts onto paper. Longhand. Ugh, another Monday. I need to clean the stove. I forgot about the laundry. Whatever it is that’s weighing you down or clogging your brain that really could wait but your responsible side is dwelling about it.  Just write. No wrong or right way to do this. Write everything that comes to your mind. Get it out of your mind and onto paper. Nothing is off-limits. The happy stuff the angry stuff the in-between stuff. Anything that muddies your day, has you worried, makes you happy, sad, laugh, your job, relationships, strangers. Get it off your conscious and subconscious mind because it all creates a damn to your creativity. When you’re feeling uncreative picture little beavers making a damn to the creativity that would rush through you if you didn’t have that stuff eating at you. By doing this first thing every morning you can begin your creative recovery. If you don’t get at it in the morning and you’re feeling clogged mentally, start your brain drain immediately.

Some form of exercise_ Yoga, meditation, cardio

Tip 2: Some form of exercise



When you get your heart rate pumping you get oxygen flowing to your brain and throughout your entire body. I like to do yoga and meditation as it connects me to source better and that helps me feel more creative almost instantly. Make sure to drink water before and after your exercise to help oxygenate your body as well!! If you add lemon to the water it’s a natural source of energy! I love lemon on its own so I take mini shots of lemon juice. The main benefit I like about lemons is its digestive health benefit. But if you’re not ready to just drink lemon juice mix it in your water! Check out the other benefits of lemons here!

Tip 3: Watch something



Don’t just watch to shut off your brain because that’s what we’re trying to avoid. Watch with the intent to be inspired. You can find inspiration in everything you do if you’re aware enough to look for it. Even the news can be inspired you have to look beyond the initial negative aspect last of it first. 

Watch Netflix but with a soecific intention (1)

Tip 4: Read


When I’m feeling in a rut, haven’t been able to do my normal routines because mom life has just taken over that day I always make time to read. Sometimes I’ll even lock myself in the bathroom and read for 10 minutes. Yes, like some moms hide to eat candy I hide to read. Lol. 

Tip 5: Take a shower or bath



Whenever I don’t feel physically fresh neither does my mind. So I take a shower. I’m a mom of 3 with a newborn. If I can take a shower with my kids around then so can you. This zone is free of excuses. Hence the name of my brand and motto, Create Miracles – Not Excuses. I’ve made an excuse for myself most of my life for why I can’t do something or achieve something. 

Take a bath or shower

If I can free myself of my negative addictions and excuses then you most definitely can end your lack of creativity by doing the following tips. 


Do you have a tip that you can share that isn’t on the above list? Comment below with your tip! 


Until next time

Tuesday Robbins 

Create Miracles – Not Excuses


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