What people are saying

“Action is the only cure for fear” – TR

The most successful people have

these things in common:

♥ Clear Vision and a can do mindset

♥ Solid foundation of beliefs and vaules

♥ A self-efficacy in themselves (belief)

♥ Routines and positive habits that keep them focused

♥  And a willingness to start before they are ready

The members' club

allows you to become the person you

were meant to bewithout the

stress,anxiety,bad habits, limiting beleifs

and emotions holding you back.

Hello beauties,

I'm Tuesday Robbins

I know how difficult it can be to shift out of bad habits, limiting beliefs, and emotions that don't serve you. I was an addict for over 20 years of my life. I'm now sober, a mom of 3, and a life coach who specializes in habits, limitations, and emotions that don't serve you. 

Because of this I am able to show you how to…

♥ Shift bad habits for better positive habits

♥ Shift out of the negative sef-talk

♥ Shift the emotions that seem out of your control

♥ Shift the negative beliefs you hold that keep you stuck

♥ Repair your cognitive dissonance

♥ Set and accomplish goals

♥ become a healthier and happier YOU!

I created Create Miracles Not Excuses Members' club

to teach others how I shifted out of my bad habits and how they can do it. 

♥ Instant Access to The Shift Method
♥ Weekly Mastermind Calls
♥ Free download of The Shift Method Planner
♥ Free download of The Shift Method Journal
♥ Private Facebook Group
♥ Monthly Goal Setting workshop
♥ Access to an awesome community
♥ All the support you need to make a shift in your life

Create Miracles Members' Club

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Testimony of the Month

I have been sober for a year and six months. In this time frame I was depressed so bad. I woke up everyday and took my boys to school and came home and went straight to my room, sat in the dark all day in my pajamas. I would sleep or be glued to the T.V. I was completely miserable. I would wait all day for my husband to get home and call him multiple times a day while he was at work asking him over and over when he would be home and to hurry up. Even when he got home I was still angry and unhappy. I threw dinner together, ignored the messes in my house, and just zoomed through everyday waiting for tomorrow. I was completely negative and hateful. I was completely unhappy. About a month or so ago I decided I was SICK of feeling like this. I started writing down all the things I did before that made me happy. Tuesday Robbins a friend of mine came to me and asked me to partake in “The Shift Method.” I agreed but I was sceptical that it was going to help. I didn’t think I would follow through with it either because anytime I tried in the past year to follow through with anything I failed at it. I didn’t think I was going to follow through with any change in my life. I started day one of the thirty day challenge. I told myself “I am going to do this.” I did, I stayed committed to The Shift Method. In the beginning it was kind of tough because immediate results are not reality. I kept with it and day by day life started changing. For the first time in a year a half I felt HEARD, I felt UNDERSTOOD, and I felt like I was no longer ALONE! I didn’t feel like I was abnormal anymore and for the first time in a year in a half I regained my FAITH! I KNEW I was going to get where I have wanted to be all this time if I put in the work and show up. The Shift Method helped me in so many ways. It helped me remember things that I forgot. It showed me that I need to look inside and look at myself. 

I was too busy denying I was the one who needed to change. I was too busy putting the blame on every single person around me saying that if they changed I would be happy. When I looked at myself and started working on myself life started changing. I realized that it is a choice to be happy, it is a choice to be positive, it is a choice to be strong. I realized that if I want something done to just do it, I realized if I want something changed then CHANGE IT. I realized that I had been living in the past and living there was completely holding me back and I was also living in the future which was causing me complete stress. Today I am living in this moment, I am sitting here writing this testimony and right now that is all I have to worry about. Today I live by Faith, I have Faith that if I keep at it I will get to where it is I want to be. Today I choose to be happy, and positive, and strong. Today I put the time into the things that help me grow, I put time into the things that make me happy, I put time into things that are going to benefit my life in a positive way, and I let go of the things that don’t. Today I do not let the small things destroy me, but I pick back up where I left off and continue. Today I let go of all the limiting beliefs that filled my head this past year and a half. I do not believe those thoughts anymore. I do not let them hold me back. I so grateful today. I honestly do not know where I would be if it were not for Tuesday Robbins and “The Shift Method.” This completely transformed my life. I highly recommend “The Shift Method” to anyone who is stuck in any sort of rut or has anything in their life that is holding them back. My life changed in a short time, 30 days. I am completely blown away at where my life is today! When I am at my best I am the best for everyone around me
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