Are you an addict?

Are you an addict?

Are you an addict?


Well, are you?


What is addiction? Addiction is something that you can’t stop thinking about. It can be positive or negative.

For the past 20 + years I was addicted to drugs and alcohol. I stayed in such a negative addictive state I blamed everyone for my stupid choices. When I hit a mental bottom and took responsibility is when I could truly fight my addiction and change that negative addiction for a new positive addiction or obsession.

Are you an addict_

When I ask, “Are you an addict”, I’m asking if you have negative addictions that deplete your brain functionality and the regenerative cells or do you have positive addictions that transform your world?


I’m not talking just street or pharmaceutical drugs or alcohol either. You can be addicted to food (bad food), T.V., (the dumber downer), stress, judgment, even pain. And those are just some examples of negative addictions. There are so many more.


I’ll ask again, “Are you an addict”? Negative or positive addict?


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If you’ve noticed you have more negative addictions than positive ones, then now is the time to do something about it.


Just like you’ve trained your mind and body to crave those negative things you can retrain your brain to want more of the positive habits.


First, you have to figure out what you want to change that you dislike. Do you eat too much of something bad, watch too much Netflix, veg on the couch too often, gossip, judge? Whatever it may be write it down, call it Bad Habits/Addictions to change list.


Now you have the things you want to change, you now need to create a game plan to do the negative habits less. If you want to spend less time on your phone or watching tv, you can set a timer or cancel that dinner downer all together. If that’s not an option when your timer goes off drop everything and move to another location in your house and start a new task. This is where the second part of your list comes into play.


Start a list and call it Positive addictive habits list. Write things on this list you want to do to help you grow as a person, mom, spouse, and individual. For example; reading growth development books, learning something new such as science or knitting, walking more, playing with the kids more, more family time, or writing. Whatever it may be set more time for your positive addictive habits than you do your negative addictive habits.

Bad habits Good habits

If you can find a positive replacement for your bad habits, you will have an easier time getting rid of the negative habits versus just trying to kick the habit with nothing to take its place.


Make transitioning from bad to good part of your daily, weekly, and monthly goals.


If you can transition and transforms yourself, then you can be limitless.


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Struggle is a choice


Until next time

Tuesday Robbins

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