7 Ways to keep you Self-Development game strong

7 Ways to keep you Self-Development game strong. (1)

Do you feel you don’t take your self-development serious or that you fall off your game of improving yourself like a bad diet? 


I have. I would go strong for months and then feel like I’d find myself back to square one. 

If you use my 7 ways to keep your self-development game strong, you shouldn’t feel like that again.


Let’s get to it. 

Engage In Convo

Way 1: Engage in a conversation that may frighten you.

Such as politics, religion, sex, addiction, or even race. We won’t learn unless we have a discussion. These topics have a heavy aspect to them. They scare most people because they don’t know enough about the subject. By knowing this you can do 2 things. Stay scared or educate yourself and engage in the conversation. Another reason people steer clear of these topics is because they are too emotionally attached to their own reactions when they speak, which creates a tense and argumentative environment. If you use facts and opinions not controlled by emotion, you can speak on them better. Learn to control your reactions and you become a better communicator. If you can stay calm in a tense or perceived tense situation, then you can control or lead the conversation in a calm manner. Nobody likes to look like a fool so they will probably follow the leader. Unless the leader is a fool, then everyone will look like a fool. 


I was the person who steered clear of any topic that could possibly ruffle feathers. I didn’t like confrontation. But when I educated myself and learned to control my reactions towards other opinions, I could insert myself into various topics that used to make me uncomfortable. Now I feel confident to speak on topics even if I don’t know all the facts because I’m comfortable enough to say I don’t know. 

Stop aiming for perfection

Way 2: Stop trying to be perfect.

If you’re doing a project like creating your own site, courses, writing a book, designing furniture or clothes, whatever it may be, don’t use the excuse that it doesn’t look perfect yet for your reason for not following through.  

We are our own worst critics so we will always make the excuse that it’s not ready or right yet. By allowing yourself the room to mess up that shows you are willing to grow and correct if you make mistakes. 


I’ve made so many kayaked in my life but if I stopped now and never followed through because of my lack of (insert excuse) and never followed through I lost definitely wouldn’t be writing this blog post to you now or writing my book Create Miracles – Not Excuses. I wouldn’t bother #momming every day because motherhood is so messy and I am far from perfect at #momming but when I look at my kids and how they are, the way they speak, behave, their growing knowledge at such a young age, I would say that’s imperfect perfection. If you’re a parent, I’m sure you can relate! This is your reminder to stop trying to be perfect because you’re already imperfectly perfect enough. 

Create a mission and vision

Way 3: Create a mission and vision that will keep you motivated every time you read it.


You are more likely to continue working towards your dreams if you have a mission statement and a vision plan, aka, laid out goals that are descriptive. For example, my mission for myself and you are to Create Miracles – Not Excuses. So, instead of waiting for miracles to happen to us or wishing for things to be different we need to take action and create the life we want. My basic vision is to help people in life that are struggling with self- doubt, fear, self- love, with a specialization in addiction. What I do with my vision is grow on it and get specific on how will I do this? What ways do I want to help? For instance, my blog posts are one way, my book is another, and another will be a guided journal that will help shift your bad habits (coming soon). You can also create a mission and vision for a multitude of things like your health, your career, your dream home. All a mission and vision is your first steps in manifesting your life. Manifesting isn’t some trick its goals followed by action and feeling! 

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Carry yourself with confidence

Way 4: Carry yourself confidently even if you aren’t yet.

When I’m out in public and even at home, I make it an intention of mine to dress up and hold my head up high with my shoulders rolled back. With my posture proper, I automatically feel more confident. I’ve always had a poor posture. That’s probably why I ended up with a herniated disc so young. But I’ve picked up yoga, and it has helped with my posture which has helped with my confidence. Also, throughout the day you can stand like Wonder Woman or superhero and say a powerful mantra to yourself like, I am confident and powerful beyond measure. By creating more confidence you are less likely to be trapped by way #2, perfectionism.

Grow Spiritually

Way 5: Grow spiritually by reading, meditating, praying, and being grateful.


Every single day I make it a part of my routine to read, meditate, pray, and show gratitude for another day. I used to read fiction books, thrillers to be exact, but when I began my personal growth journey I started reading self-help and personal development, and science-based books. I wanted to expand my knowledge, and I just wasn’t going to get that through reading thrillers. I don’t get pleasure from reading fiction anymore. I like reading things that get me asking questions. I meditate, pray, and show gratitude all in one even if I only get 10-20 minutes each day. We all have time for what matters it’s just some people have different priorities. So if you’re one that says they don’t have time to read or meditate or anything that is good for you then you have to look at your priorities. What’s important to you? 

Dont dwell on the past

Way 6: Don’t dwell on the past. Use your mistakes and regrets to help others. Turn your life into lessons to help others learn from your mistakes. 

I see people far too often ask why? Why did this happen to me or why am I going through this? Instead, they should ask how? How can this help me grow? How can I use this as a lesson to help someone else? My past is filled with things that I could easily say, why me, and I have at one point in my life, and I asked it frequently. But that was me being a victim of my circumstances and my choices. I chose to be a service to others through my life lessons. I wanted my struggles to have meant something and not just to have been me being an idiot who didn’t know better. I want to help others learn better through me. I didn’t want my life just wasted on booze and drugs. I want to use my experiences to guide you to a better life now not waste it for 30 years. You can have a victim mentality from your past, or you can rise a leader from it. 



Create miracles - Not excuses

Way 7: Stop making excuses, create miracles instead.

I was the queen of making excuses. I made excuses for why I couldn’t get sober, why I couldn’t finish college, why I wasn’t good enough, smart enough, blah blah blah. I’ve made them all. And then I didn’t. I chose to Create Miracles – Not Excuses. I live by this motto. Look at it this way,

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It’s your choice. 


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Until next time,

Tuesday Robbins 

Create Miracles – Not Excuses 

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