5 Steps to realizing your dreams (or narrowing them down)

5 Steps to Realizing your Dreams (Or narrowing them down)

I didn’t know who I was or what I wanted until later in life. So if you had life figured out in high school this isn’t for you (LOL)! 


I was the girl that was all over the place with my dreams, jobs, friendships, and even sobriety. I had no plan or vision for where I wanted my life to go or what I wanted it to look like. 


Then a few years ago I started asking myself the tough questions like, who am I, what do I want, what am I even good at, along with mind-body changes such as food intake, and what I allowed to consume my brain on a regular basis. 


By doing so I found my passion, my fire, my purpose, my dreams that allow me to be ME! Outside of being a mother! 


Below I’m going to go through 5 steps that can help you realize your dreams or at least narrow them down! Get a pen and pad ready because you’re going to need to jot down your answers! 


These steps go beyond your basic wants, needs, and desires. So when I ask you these questions I want you to answer them with deep intentions going beyond your basic premise of oh I want to be rich, successful, have a nice house and car type of answers.

Ask yourself these 3 questions

Step 1: Ask yourself these 3 questions; 

  • Who am I? For example, what are your interests, talents, what brings you joy, do you prefer group or solo tasks, with your head or hands or both? Get deep with your answers, it’s the only way it will reap any benefits for this exercise. 


  • Where do you want to go? Where do you this life to take you? Why did you get up this morning? Don’t be basic with your answers, I have to work, eat, pay bills, I’m a mom or dad, get deep and look within for the answers. By looking within you’ll find that you’ve been going in circles, being repetitive with your answers. Do you want to move upward where growth and success are?


  • How will you get there? What specific steps will you take to propel yourself into the orbit of that life or reality you want or dream of? How will you gain experience, who can you ask for guidance, what job can you get that will help, what books can you read that can broaden your knowledge? Stick with it even if you’re not sure on the How right now. And learn to sacrifice when others give up and grown in the towel. ( 3 feet from gold; as Napoleon Hill says in Thing I’m Grow Rich) 

Get Specific


Step 2: Get specific. When people answer questions about what they want and where and where they want to go they’re too general. Get nitty-gritty with it. Don’t feel bad for making bold claims. I’ll give you my bold claims: I want to be a successful writer, published author in the self-help, development, mindset genre. I also want to help people with addiction. I want to earn $500,000 a year from my book and seminars. If I make more or less isn’t the issue. The point is I have a specific goal and subset goals from my main goals. By doing this and writing everything out you will also get to the HOW easier. This is how you will realize your dreams over someone who just says they want a business, success, money or freedom. Get specific. Don’t leave out any detail! 

Step 3: Give yourself a specific time to complete each goal. I’ve said this before in another blog post, by giving yourself a time frame for each step it will keep you accountable.

Visualize it

Step 4: Visualize it as if you’ve already gotten it. This is where meditating can help. Sit in your dreams and live, feel, act, breath, be, as if you’re dreams are already your reality. Visualizing is like this; if you can visualize yourself doing a normal daily task such as dishes or laundry or your job then you can visualize your dreams.


There are many YouTube videos on how to visualize if you’re unfamiliar with how to do it.


Step 5: Make a commitment. Be 100% submerged in your dream and you will see it realized. Be totally committed. People who live in their dreams every single day even if they’re not getting paid yet are the ones who end up getting more in return while making an impact as well! 


Now that you have the above steps to get you going to helping you realize your dreams if you’ve been struggling with finding your purpose or passion I’d love to hear from you when you’ve written your dreams down to see how it has helped you. Leave a comment below or hit me up at admin@workwithtuesday.com


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Until next time, 

Tuesday Robbins

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