3 Habits To Stop Doing To Obtain Life Success

3 Habits to stop doing to obtain Life Success

3 Habits to Stop Doing To Obtain Life Success

3 Habits To Stop Doing To Obtain Life Success

You can predict the future! Not in the magic 8 ball or psychic way. But in the way you act now, how you react to situations, and what you do daily can determine who and where you will be.


For the past 5-6 years, I have been reading 99% self-help and personal development books. Even before I became sober, I have been obsessed with the mind, people’s actions, behaviors, and so on. Not only to understand my addiction but to rise above it and become someone who exudes love, makes others feel like they matter, and to leave people feeling joyous. Those 3 feelings are also how I want to live my life because I can’t leave an impact like that if I am not that person now.


This is not something you can fake it until you make it. Live it, breathe it, and vibrate that energy into the universe. You can’t fake your energy. Others sense it. Especially in kids. My kids are very aware when I’m not 100% there and happy. You can put on a fake smile but you and your brain know the truth.

You can't fake energy

This is how you can predict your future. Below I’ll give you 3 habits that people do that keep them from reaching any level of happiness or success in their life. I can attest to this because I did all 3 of them on a daily and I was at my most unhappy. Now I’ve switched these bad, negative habits I’m at a new level of life success I’ve never been at.


Habit 1) You watch over 1 – 2 hours of TV a day.

  • This one I know way too well. My pre-recovery days I was consumed with, what TV show will occupy my mind? Instead, occupy your time and mind with family, self-improvement, becoming the future you-you want to be to reach your dreams and what your true purpose and service will be!


Give this habit a try for 10 days. Try to see if you can avoid the tv all together for those first 10 days and then let me know how you feel after ditching it and how much you can get done throughout your day. I can’t even watch a regular program now because I find them all boring. I will watch documentaries or movies.


Habit 2) You spend a majority of your time each day gossiping, complaining, or being negative.


  • These 3 bad habits coincide with one another because they always follow each other around. This energy just brings you down to the level of a person who many highly successful people don’t like. I’m not saying that successful people don’t have these habits, I’m saying that your success and the impact you leave will determine if you’re known for these or being kind. There are plenty of successful people that are known assholes. My point is, how do you want to be seen when you’re at a level of success that brings you prestige? Habit 1 is not a debatable habit though.


What 3 words do you want to leave people feeling and how do you want to feel in your daily life?

Write them down now and then live and become that person now! Realize what you say and do every minute of the day.


Habit 3) Not setting any goals.

  • If you’re not setting life, work, and relationship goals then you’re already dead in the water. As a mom, if I don’t give my kids direction then they are wondering around doing any and everything. Us adults aren’t any different. We need to be clear and concise on what we want and who we want to become. In one of my fan page post Create Miracles – Not Excuses I wrote a 10-year plan you should write it out. It can help you get started. Have a look-see by going to my FAN PAGE and leave a comment while you’re there.


Those 3 habits will help you in predicting your future. Habits 1 and 3 are ones you will have to do if you want to see any changes. 3 is a choice but let’s be honest, who really wants to be known as a bitch or an asshole? Not me.


I want to leave my mark as someone who showed love, made people feel like they mattered, and left people feeling joyous.


What type of impact do you want to leave? What 3 words do you want people to feel from you after meeting or knowing you? Where do you see your life in 10 years, 5 years, 2 years, even next month? What or who will inspire to become the best you? Write all this down and make a substantial impact on your life and those around you!

make an impact

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Tuesday Robbins


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